Experimental Hutch 2

Schematic view of the 2nd experimental hutch with control hutch.

The second experimental hutch EH2 is located at 83-95m from the X-ray source. It is home to the standard CDI/XPCS setup as well as to the GINI-X setup.  Most experiments performed at Coherence Beamline P10 have the sample located at ~87.8 m from the source.  The standard setup and the GINIX setup are movable on air pads and can be easily exchanged.  Both setups share an 5m long flight path as well as the motorized detector stage. 

The optical table in EH2 carries a water cooled closed loop slit system followed by a retractable monitor device to define the beam direction as well as a micro-focusing lens changer (1D & 2D focusing capability) and a beam deflection unit (BDU) to enable studies on liquid surfaces.