Support laboratories

Coherence Beamline P10 has three supporting laboratories: A mechanical laboratory (P10-MLab), an electronic laboratory (P10-ELab) and a sample preparation laboratory (P10-PLab).  The names are an indicator of their main use. 

The mechanical laboratory is dedicated to preassembling of sample environments, testing of vacuum windows and whatever tasks seems to fit.  It is equipped with a small working bench, a water sink, supply of compressed air and some standard gases as well as cooling water. 

The electronic laboratory is equipped with an additional electronic rack, which includes a VME and a NIM crate. This allows testing of new motor stages or detectors offline from the beamline.  Again, cooling water, compressed air and standard gases are available. 

The sample preparation laboratory is not a full chemical laboratory, but it allows simple tasks with harmless chemicals to be undertaken (e.g. cleaning of vacuum components).  Access to a fully equipped chemical laboratory can be obtained via the DOOR system.