Experimental Hutch 1 at the MINAXS Beamline

Design of the optical bench for the segmented flight tube in experimental hutch 2
Prototype of the optical bench built near the BW4 in autumn 2007.

A prototype of the optical bench was built at the DORIS experimental hall during autumn 2007 near the beamline BW4.

The first experimental hutch is dedicated for microfocus SAXS, USAXS and WAXS both in transmission as well as in grazing incidence geometry. The scattered x-rays will travel to a detector through an evacuated flight tube. The length of the flight tube can be varied from 0 to 10 m.


At EH1 a μGISAXS experimental setup will be designed and constructed in collaboration with the group of Prof. Dr. Peter Müller-Buschbaum from the Technical University of Münich. Using this setup also in situ ellipsometry measurements will be possible.

The Flight Tube

An important part of the first experimental hutch are the three optical benches that will support the flight tube. The flight tube consists of parts that can be moved. Tilting of the flight tube is necessary in GISAXS geometry and can be done using the motors of the optical benches. The benches can also be moved easily using an air cushion system.