Detectors at the MINAXS Beamline

The beamline will be equipped with a novel PILATUS 300k pixel detector (readout time < 3 ms and pixel size 172 μm) and with two commercial large area 2D CCD detectors (readout time ca. 1 s and pixel size 40 μm). The suitability of the PILATUS detector for GISAXS experiments was tested in autumn 2007 at the DORIS III beamline BW4 [1].

An x-ray camera with 2 μm spatial resolution will be used for sample alignment.


[1] S.V. Roth, A. Rothkirch, G. Kaune, W. Wang, M.M. Abul Kashem, S. Couet, A. Diethert, R. Gehrke, H. Graafsma, M. Lohmann, E. Metwalli, M. Ruderer, A. Timmann, K. Schlage, R. Röhlsberger, P. Müller-Buschbaum: Real-time monitoring of sputter processes using μGISAXS, HASYLAB Annual Report 2007, pp. 335 – 336.