FL Beamlines (FLASH2)

FLASH2 hall

Photograph of the new FLASH2 experimental hall 'Kai Siegbahn' with the office space for users on the left (red), the hutch for the optical pump-probe laser (grey) on the right, and the beamline posts of FL24 and FL26 (August 2015)


Preliminary layout of the infrastructure and the first three photon beamlines FL22, FL24 and FL26 in the new FLASH2 experimental hall 'Kai Siegbahn'

FLASH2 will offer up to six additional photon beamlines in the new experimental hall 'Kai Siegbahn'. Photon beam parameters can be chosen almost independently for FLASH1 and FLASH2 by the users. FLASH2 has variable gap undulators and thus, the wavelength of FLASH2 can be chosen independent from FLASH1. In addition, fast tuning of the wavelength as well as wavelength scans are possible at FLASH2. Each undulator line has its own injector laser and thus bunch separation, number of bunches, and the bunch charge can be set independently for FLASH1 and FLASH2. Both undulator lines receive the full 10 Hz bunch train repetition rate, but each 800 microsecond long burst is split between FLASH1 and FLASH2. The fraction of bunches delivered to each beamline can be chosen freely. A new, much more flexible RF-system allows different compressions for FLASH1 and FLASH2, and therefore a different photon pulse length can be chosen by either user.

The following new beamlines at FLASH2 are available for users since spring 2016 in the FLASH experimental hall 'Kai Siegbahn':
FL24 has an open port for user supplied end stations. FL24 covers the entire wavelength range of FLASH2 (see FLASH parameters). It will be equipped with a KB bending mirror system for focussing in early 2017.

FL26 features the permanent end station REMI - a reaction microscope from R. Moshammer's group at MPIK Heidelberg.

The FLASH2 pump-probe laser system will become available at the end of 2017.

General CONTACT FL Beamlines:
(see specific contacts at the respective beamline pages)

Rolf Treusch
E-Mail: Rolf Treusch
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 (9)2693
Location: 28k / O2.007
Elke Plönjes-Palm
E-Mail: Elke Plönjes-Palm
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 (9)2602
Location: 28k / O2.004

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Elke Plönjes et al., FLASH2: Operation, beamlines, and photon diagnostics, AIP Conf. Proc. 1741, 020008 (2016). Article