Beamline FL24

Standard photon beam energy (shaped by electron beam restrictions, settings of the machine, and photon beam transport).

Transmission over the FL24 focusing optics.

Focal spot sizes of the FL24 (fwhm) at a horizontal focal length of 2m.

The FL24 beamline is an open port variable micro-focus beamline optimized for the 'water-window' and operable for the full wavelengths range at FLASH2 with its variable-gap undulators.

Acceptance of the full FLASH2 parameter range:
• Number of Bunches per second          1 – 5000
• Pulse Repetition Rates (within pulse train) kHz
• Pulse Duration (FWHM)                     10 – 300 fs (+single spike SASE option)
• 3rd Harmonic Wavelength                  down to 1.7 nm
• 3rd Harmonic Pulse Energy                        typically 0.5% of fundamental
• Wavelength                                        3.5 – 90 nm
• Photon beam Energy                                  13.7 – 343 eV
• Average Pulse Energy (single bunch)        0.5 – 500 µJ
• Average Pulse Energy (pulse trains)            0.5 – 500 µJ

Photon-diagnostics of FLASH2:
• Gas monitor photon beam energy detection
• Online photoionization spectrometer [OPIS] for wavelength documentation

Open port focused option FL24a description:
Focusing optical element is a bending mirror system with vertical pre-mirror [KAOS by Fermi@Elettra]
The FLASH2 optical laser is available quasi confocal and directly. (Optical laser systems) 

Open port focused option FL24a parameter:
• Beam height       1705 mm
• Focal length         2000 (standard) - 6000 mm [from KAOS horizontal]
• Actual position       392- 4392 mm from 'open port'
• Focus distance to source    90.55 - 115 m
• Focal spot size (min at 2m) <10µm [full range]
• Focal length with FLASH2 optical laser  2000 - 3000 mm  [from KAOS horizontal]
• Last beam defining aperture     16 mm in diameter

Open port unfocused option FL24b parameter:
• Beam height             1600 mm
• Last beam defining aperture    16 mm in diameter


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