Small-Angle X-ray Scattering Beamline for Materials Research

The SAXSMAT beamline P62 started successfully the regular user operation.

The beamline P62 is designed for anomalous SAXS/WAXS, SAXS/WAXS computed tensor tomography, In situ and In operando SAXS/WAXS as well as high-throughput SAXS/WAXS applications. The X-ray energy range available is 3.5 keV up to 35.0 keV.

1st monochromatic X-rays in experimental hutch 1st July 2021.
1st regular users on the 18th October 2021.

If you plan to perform an experiment at P62, please contact the beamline scientists to check the availablity of certain experimental equipment and the feasibility of your planned experiment before you start writing your proposal!


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