P24 Chemical Crystallography

P24 control hutch

P24 optics

P24 is designed to continue some successful former beamlines which served for crystallographic applications coming from different scientific fields like physics, chemistry, biology as well as material and earth sciences. Typical applications will cover classical crystal structure studies, diffuse scattering studies, charge density analysis, phase transitions, disordered and modulated structures all at ambient and non-ambient conditions. The purpose of P24 is the continuation of these applications and to provide a powerful instrument for new applications, which will make use of the superior properties of PETRA III.

The two experimental stations of P24 are equipped with a Kappa-diffractometer (EH1) and an Eulerian diffractometer (EH2). A common control hutch includes a sample preparation laboratory with fume-hood and supply of standard gases.

A variety of detectors and sample environments (high/low temperature, pressure, external fields etc) is available for both diffractometers, recommending P24 for applications like:

• General diffraction experiments
• Dynamics, time-resolved crystallography
• Disordered structures
• Charge-density studies
• Phase transitions & External fields
• Photo-crystallography
• Solid-state chemistry & crystallisation