Photon Science user consortia - European XFEL

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European XFEL Site in Schenefeld

European XFEL Site in Schenefeld incl. sketch of tunnels und beamlines (August 2017, Credit: European XFEL).


The first interaction zone of the SPB/SFX instrument (Credit: European XFEL / Rey.Hori).

DESY will also play an important role as a user of the European XFEL. Therefore several user consortia have been formed, together with partners from other institutions, to prepare for the European XFEL’s user operation in an optimal way. The Helmholtz International Beamlines (HIB) at the European XFEL include three major instrumentations (SFX, HIBEF and hRIXS), which were substantially funded by the Helmholtz Association.

DESY Photon Science is involved in the following user consortia: (Update June 2017)


The SFX user consortium, including DESY, provides a second interaction chamber for nanocrystallography and sample screening in the Single Particles, Clusters, and Biomolecules and Serial Femtosecond Crystallography (SPB/SFX) instrument hutch, re-using the transmitted X-ray FEL beam.


The Helmholtz International Beamline for Extreme Fields (HIBEF) at the European XFEL is a project driven by DESY, Helmholtz-Institute Jena and HZDR to establish multi-purpose experimental area for dynamically driven Diamond Anvil Cell, high-power and ultra-intense lasers as well as high-field magnets experiments at the HED instrument endstation of the European XFEL.


The Heisenberg Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (h-RIXS) user consortium, including DESY, will build a high resolution spectrometers complementing the capabilities of the Spectroscopy and Coherent Scattering (SCS) instrument and facilitate RIXS-type experiments at the transform limit in time and energy.


DataXpress is a user consortium, including DESY, providing a data analysis toolkit and hardware aiming at solving the data and reconstruction challenge for single particle and nanocrystal coherent diffraction experiments at the European XFEL.


The COMO consortium, including DESY, addresses the provision of state-, size-, and isomer-selected samples of polar molecules and clusters for XFEL studies using soft and hard X-ray FEL radiation.