How to reach PETRA III & FLASH

On the DESY campus

Aerial view of the PETRA III and FLASH experimental halls in August 2020

Aerial view of the DESY campus with the PETRA III and FLASH accelerators and experimental halls in August 2020. (Copyright: DESY / Reimo Schaaf / Britta Liebaug)

Due to construction work on the DESY campus, the traffic situation may change from day to day and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

All DESY gatekeepers know the latest status and can help you to find your way on the campus (see: detailed DESY campus map).

The side gate - Luruper Chaussee 149, 22761 Hamburg - closest to the PETRA III and FLASH experimental halls, is usually open 24 hours a day for pedestrians and cyclists and open from Monday to Friday, 6 to 19h, for cars or trucks (access info).

The DESY main gate - Notkestraße 85, 22607 Hamburg - is open all time. Key for the Hostel rooms and DACHS cards can be obtained only at the DESY main gate.

Bus stops are
Main gate, Notkestraße: Zum Hünengrab (DESY)
Side gate, Luruper Chaussee: Luruper Chaussee (DESY)

For detailed times and connections with public transport please check: HVV.

Bikes 'StadtRAD Hamburg' can be hired in Hamburg as well. On the DESY campus there are two city bike stations (one near bldg. 25f/25b, close to the PETRA III hall) where bikes can be returned.

The number of parking spaces is, in particular close to the PETRA III experimental halls (bldg. 47c, 48f, 46g), the FLASH halls (bldg. 28c, 28k) and the CXNS building (bldg. 94, with the User Office), often very limited.