Joint Research at DESYs Light Sources - Meeting of the “BMBF-Verbundforschung” (July 2008)


More than 120 researchers from universities throughout Germany met at DESY in Hamburg from July 9-11, 2008. Their projects at DESYs photon sources FLASH and PETRA III are funded with 27.5 million Euros for the period 2007 to 2010 by the so-called “BMBF-Verbundforschung”.

With the “Verbundforschung” the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds projects of university groups at large scale facilities which are primarily operated by research centers of the Helmholtz Association (HGF). For the last periods (2001 to 2010) 56 projects have been funded, 21 projects at the storage ring X-ray light source PETRA III, and 35 projects at the free electron laser facility FLASH. The total funding sum for all projects adds up to just under 40 million Euros.

The three-day meeting of researchers from more than 33 universities and other organizations provided the opportunity for an exchange of information. In addition it gave an overview over the scientific aims and methods of the different projects. The topics ranged from the investigation of the underlying characteristics of smallest molecule systems to the characterization of new nano materials. The main emphasis of the “BMBF-Verbundforschung” is on the optimization and development of experiments which use to full capacity the potential of the new light sources at DESY: extremely good time resolution and special coherence properties.

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