PG Beamlines (FLASH1)

FLASH Beamlines

The Plane Grating (PG) Monochromator beamline at FLASH

The XUV monochromator beamline installed at FLASH is a high-resolution plane grating monochromator of SX 700 type which allows different classes of experiments to be performed in the fields of gas phase physics, magnetic spectroscopy, high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy, surface chemistry, soft x-ray diffraction and holography. The PG beamline layout permits a free choice of best compromise between photon flux and resolution. Thus, it provides enough flexibility over the broad parameter range of FLASH to enable high resolution applications, pump-probe experiments with control over the temporal-spectral properties at moderate resolution, and high photon flux experiments with the option of harmonic filtering.

The PG beamline has two branches: PG1 and PG2.

PG2 - 3m x 4m platform for user-provided endstation

  • high resolution plane grating XUV monochromator (SX 700 type, <10-4 bandwidth, DLC coated optics)
  • energy range 25 eV...275 eV
  • ~50 μm focus at experiment
  • variable combination of photon flux and resolution (from high flux to high resolution)
  • controlled temporal-spectral properties at moderate resolution for pump-probe experiments
  • harmonic filtering
  • XUV Split- and Delay Unit with variable time delay (±6 ps) for time resolved studies see more
  • High-resolution spectrometer mode possible (>104 resolving power)
  • optional pump-probe experiments using FLASH1 optical laser system synchronized to x-ray pulses
  • photon pulse diagnostics and beam manipulation tools: GMD intensity monitors, beam position monitors, sets of filters and apertures, gas absorber, fast shutter
Günter Brenner
E-Mail: Günter Brenner
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 (9)4527
Location: 28k / O2.022

PG1 - permanent endstation: two-stage VUV-Raman spectrometer for high-resolution measurements close to Rayleigh line

PG1 is currently under evaluation/extensive commissioning and cannot be provided for user experiments

  • makes use of the same SX 700 type monochromator as PG2
  • Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) refocusing optics, FEL focal spot of 5 μm (vertically) at the sample
  • additively coupled double monochromator (SP1+SP2)
  • strong elastic line and scattered light suppression
  • energy range: 20-200 eV
  • energy resolution (design values): 2-20 meV at 20-200 eV, respectively
  • solid state samples
Siarhei Dziarzhytski
E-Mail: Siarhei Dziarzhytski
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 (9)6187
Location: 28k / O2.022

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