The FLASH optical laser systems

FLASH1 optical laser system

Pulse duration of the FLASH1 high power laser measured at BL1 with 51.7 +- 3 fs.


The FLASH1 pump-probe laser system

Two complementary optical lasers are available to user groups at FLASH1 in the FLASH experimental hall 'Albert Einstein'. First, a laser based on Ti:Sapphire technology is delivering a high energy pulse (up to 10 mJ, ~ 60 fs FWHM), albeit the repetition rate is limited to 10 pulses per second.
The second laser, based on optical parametric chirped pulse amplification, provides trains of ~ 20 µJ pulses ( ~ 100 fs FWHM) that map exactly onto the complex timing pattern of the FEL delivering several thousand pulses per second in bursts at 10 Hz with a minimum pulse spacing of 1µs. Both laser systems deliver a central wavelength of 800 nm. Second and third harmonic radiation can be generated at the experimental endstation.
The laser system is highly automated and remotely controllable from the experimental stations. An evacuated laser beam delivery system with relay imaging provides the pulses at BL1, BL2, BL3 and PG2.

Since the FEL and the optical laser are independent sources of fs-pulses, the synchronization between both is of vital importance to perform well defined pump-probe experiments. The overall timing jitter between the FEL and the optical laser at the endstation is approximately 40 fs rms. More details


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Nominal parameters of the burst-mode OPA system

Parameters OPA


Pulse energy (µJ)


Pulse duration (fs)


Central wavelength (nm)


Repetition rate (MHz)


Macropulse rep.rate (Hz)


Macropulse duration (µs)


Energy stability (%, rms)



Nominal parameters of the Hidra mJ Ti:sapphire amplifier

Parameters 10 mJ amplifier


Max pulse energy (mJ)


Min pulse duration (fs)


Central wavelength(nm)


Rep. rate(Hz)


Energy stability(%, rms)


H. Redlin et al., The FLASH pump-probe laser system: Setup, characterization and optical beamlines, NIM A 635 , S88 (2011). (Article) or contact the DESY laser group.


The FLASH2 pump-probe laser system

A new type of high repetition rate OPCPA laser is planed for FLASH 2. More information will be added soon.


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