Next Meetings

Photon Science Committee (PSC)

Photon Science Committee

8-9 October 2020 (33rd PSC meeting)

8-9 April 2021 (34th PSC meeting)

7-8 October 2021 (35th PSC meeting)

Project Review Panels (PRP)

Project Review Panels for PETRA III proposals

25-26 Oct 2021
25-26 April 2022

Project Review Panel for FLASH Proposals

January/February 2022

DESY Photon Science User Committee (DPS-UC)

Members of the DESY Photon Science User Committee (DPS-UC) usually come together during the annual DESY Photon Science Users' Meeting on the last Thursday & Friday in January.

Laser Advisory Committee (LAC)

Members of the Laser Advisory Committee (LAC) usually meet every 9 to 12 months. The location alternates between European XFEL in Schenefeld and DESY in Hamburg.

Laser Advisory Committee

25-26 February 2021 (11th LAC meeting)

Minutes of the meetings

The minutes of the 'Photon Science Committee' PSC, 'Project Review Panels' PRPs and 'Laser Advisory Committee' LAC are confidential and will not be published. Minutes of DPS-UC meetings will be made available to all user upon request. The agendas of the PSC meetings are available online.