Synchrotron Methods & Techniques

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The PETRA synchrotron radiation facilities house many different beamlines each designed and optimised for specific experimental methods and techniques. Our Industrial research team will help coordinate and determine the right beamline(s) for your experimental needs. Lists of the beamlines and details about their specifications can be found here: PETRA  III beamlines.

DESY NanoLab

The DESY NanoLab is a facility providing access to advanced nano-characterisation, nano-structuring and nano-synthesis techniques. For these techniques lab-based systems are used that are complementary to the advanced X-ray techniques available at DESY’s lightsources.

DESY NanoLab offers methods for textural and chemical characterisation, structuring and synthesis of materials on the micro- and nanometer scale. As a service for industry DESY NanoLab provides:

  • a dedicated lab infrastructure
  • expertise of distinguished scientists
  • elaborated advice prior to start of the experimental phases
  • verification of the technical feasibility
  • professional scientific support