Offene Stellen / Open positions

Studentische Hilfskräfte

Bei Interesse an einer Tätigkeit als studentische Hilfskraft wenden Sie sich bitte an Prof. Andreas Stierle.

Bachelor- und Master-Arbeiten für Studierende der Physik, Chemie und Nanowissenschaften

Anfragen bitte an Andreas Stierle


Current topics:

  • Growth and structural characterization of single alloy nanoparticles under catalytic reaction conditions

  • electrochemical investigation of electrode materials relevant for hydrogen production in energy transition by SXRD and FTIRRAS spectroscopy

  • Structural dynamics of metal nanoparticles on oxide surfaces investigated by ultrafast x-ray diffraction at PETRA III and the EU XFEL

  • Photochemical processes on metal nanoparticles on oxide surfaces investigated by XPS

  • Computation of crystal truncation rods of CO on Ru(0001)  

This project will use computation methods to bridge theoretical models with experimental techniques. The project involves computing crystal truncation rods of adsorbed carbon monoxide molecules on the Ru(0001) surface, at different adsorption sites, orientations and coverage levels. The results of this project will aid the interpretation of observations made in time-resolved surface X-ray diffraction experiments at the European XFEL. This is a good opportunity to learn or put your scientific programming skills to use on a collaborative research project.

In Kooperation mit Prof. Dr. Peer Stelldinger, HAW:

  • Automatisierte Mustererkennung und schnelle Datenkonvertierungsalgorythmen für die Strukturuntersuchung realer Oberflächen

Doktorarbeiten / PhD-Thesis

Currently we offer three PhD positions at DESY NanoLab connected to the following topics:

  • Adsorption of organic acids on epitaxial Fe3O4 and TiO2 nanoparticles

  • Growth and nano oxidation of 4d transition metal nanoparticles investigated by high energy x-ray diffraction evaluation of a large 2D data set

  • Structural dynamics of supported metal nanoparticles investigated by ultrafast x-ray diffraction experiments at PETRA III and the European XFEL

Bei Interesse an einer Doktorarbeit in unser Arbeitsgruppe kontaktieren Sie bitte Herrn Prof. Dr. Andreas Stierle.

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For PhD projects in our research group please contact the Head of the group Prof. Dr. Andreas Stierle.

For further information on the research topics of the NanoLab team please look into our Research overview on our homepage.

PostDoc, Scientist, Engineer positions open at DESY NanoLab

There are currently no open PostDoc or Engineer positions available at the DESY NanoLab.