March 2021

  • The group recently had two papers accepted to the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy’s Festschrift celebrating Stephan Schlemmer’s 60th Birthday with the theme “Laboratory Spectroscopy for Astrophysics”! Congratulations to everyone involved in these collaborative projects! The first focusses on the characterisation of the lowest vibrationally excited state of propylene oxide, and the work was conducted with group of Thomas Giesen at the University of Kassel. In the paper, the complicated spectrum is deciphered, including the effect of the methyl group’s free rotation. The second piece extends our previous publication on the N-heterocycle imidazole by considering the rotational spectra of its vibrationally excited states and heavy-atom isotopologues across the 2-295 GHz range. The data presented is essential for observational searches for these species, and, in addition, comprehensive structural analyses and comparisons to similar molecules are presented. The project included collaborations with the Center for Astrochemical Studies at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the University of Virginia, and the University of Rennes. And a special shout out to Gayatri for her first publication in the group!

February 2021

  • Farewell Weixing! Good luck at your new job at Fudan University, building up an amazing broadband rotational spectrometer
  • The group has its first paper accepted in The Astrophysical Journal! The publication centres on the rotational spectra of three amino alcohols - alaninol, valinol, and leucinol - between 2-110 GHz. Accurate rotational constants and line lists are delivered to enable astronomers to search for these doubly-functional molecules and their isotopologues and vibrationally excited states in the interstellar medium. This publication’s sister paper, which introduced our 18-26 GHz spectrometer and reported on our work on isoleucinol, was published in PCCP last year. Congratulations to everyone for the completion of this ambitious project!

January 2021

  • Welcome to Alcides Simao and Eva Gougoula as new Postdocs! Both will be supporting our astrochemistry subgroup. Alcides will be bringing the commissioning of our IR-UV spectrometer up to speed, and Eva will be working on the rotational spectroscopy side of it.

August 2020

  • Congratulations Dan! We wish you the best in your new position as Junior Professor at the Uni Göttingen!
  • Bon voyage and best of luck Sérgio in your home town Portugal and in your future career as scientific researcher at the University of Coimbra!