Nanosecond XPCS employing pulse structure of PETRA III

Ultrafast XPCS technique at the P10 beamline employing the pulse structure of PETRA III in 40-bunch mode

First nanosecond XPCS study has been demonstrated at the PETRA III storage ring. The experiment has been carried out at the beamline P10 employing 40-bunch time structure of the storage ring. Speckle patterns were measured from a model system of suspension of silica nanoparticles in water at room temperature. The AGIPD was employed to resolve speckle pattern from each pulse in the 40-bunch mode. The achieved resolution of 192 ns was limited only by the time separation of the photon pulses in the storage ring. Our work paves the way to study dynamics on microsecond to nanoseconds timescales at PETRA IV.

IUCrJ 8, 124-130 , 2021

Photon Science Highlight