PETRA IV Beamline Portfolio


'PETRA IV Conceptual Design Report' (Nov. 2019, Reference DOI: 10.3204/PUBDB-2019-03613/).


'KFS-booklet' (Reference: ).

Beamline Portfolio Development Process

The new beamline portfolio will be developed on the basis of the Scientific Instrumentation Proposals (SIPs) provided by the user community and with advice from the DESY Photon Science Committee (PSC). For this, experts from DESY and the partner institutes as well as an independent expert team suggest sets of beamlines to the directorate.

Based on the approved beamline portfolio, the technical design is generated by responsible team leaders and engineers. They are supported by the PIV work package groups and a beamline optics simulation team. The technical designs of the beamlines are reviewed by work package WP3.08 and an engineering and operation review team. After the presentation of the beamline TDR section to the PSC, the DESY directorate approves it. Technical aspects of the beamlines will be further refined even after the TDR has been submitted.

PETRA IV workshops

PETRA IV Scientific Instrumentation Proposals
Submission deadline was 1 Dec. 2020

The technical design report (TDR) phase of PETRA IV has started and the scientific requirements for the beamlines have to be determined in detail. This will result in definitions of the corresponding technical requirements for the beamline instrumentations.

The goal of the "PETRA IV Scientific Instrumentation" proposals is to survey the needs of the user community and to identify the experiments to be implemented at PETRA IV. The proposals will be used to develop a user-tailored PETRA IV beamline portfolio in collaboration with HZG (now Hereon) and EMBL.

Organised by the PETRA IV project team

Distribution and Number of Beamlines

In order to achieve X-ray beams with ultra-low emittance, the canting schemes of undulators, as realized at PETRA III, is not possible anymore. Therefore, in the 3 present experimental halls (Max von Laue, Ada Yonath, and Paul Peter Ewald) space for 14 photon beamlines is available. In order to preserve the number of beamlines and experiments and to be able to extend the beamline portfolio in the future, a 4th experimental hall PXW in the west of PETRA is foreseen. This hall can accommodate an additional 16 photon beamlines.

Overall PETRA IV is planned for 30 photon beamlines, thereof
  - 5 flagship beamlines (Long straight sections, 10 m undulator,
    optimized beta function, increased brightness)
  - 25 photon beamlines (5m undulator)

The “flagship” beamlines will be designed to make optimal use of the extreme brightness of the source. These beamlines will be selected during the TDR phase of PETRA IV. With the current design of the PETRA IV storage ring, many beamlines will gain both in brightness and in flux, as the electron beam emittance is significantly reduced and the length of most insertion devices can be increased to 5 m or more in the case of the flagship beamlines.

Generally, there is more space at each beamline compared to PETRA III today to add the lab space and infrastructure needed for in-situ/operando and high-throughput experiments. Almost all PETRA IV beamlines will have an undulator source. Depending on the final lattice designs some slots might host a super-bend X-ray source.


Distribution of possible beamline slots assuming eight beamlines per PETRA octant. Red lines mark the PETRA IV flagship beamlines located in long straight sections.