P11 - High-throughput Macromolecular Crystallography beamline

The High-throughput Macromolecular Crystallography beamline P11 at PETRA III is dedicated to diffraction experiments of biological macromolecules. The beamline is designed to provide a stabile yet flexible setup ideally suited for experiments in conventional rotation crystallography as well as to be easily adaptable for alternative setups, such as serial synchrotron crystallography with solid support or tapedrive sample delivery.


The beamline is energy-tunable between 5.5 and 30 keV. The X-ray optics consist of a LN2 cooled double crystal monochromator, two horizontal deflecting and one vertical deflecting X-ray mirror, and an additional pair of KB-mirrors in the experimental hutch, closed to the sample position. All mirrors are dynamically bendable and the first three are used to generate an intermediate focus at 65 m from the source with a size of 16 x 96 µm rms (v x h) and a divergence of 8 x 15 μrad rms (v x h). X-ray beam from intermediate focus can be used for data collection at the crystallography endstation and also focused further with the experimental hutch mirrors. For the design of the beamline optics special care was taken to preserve the coherence properties of the beam and to deliver most of the photons from the source into a very small focal spot at the sample position.


At the sample position, beam size from 4 x 9 µm (flux 1013 ph/s at 12 keV) to 200 x 200 µm can be used. The stationary detector is Eiger2 X 16 M, however, alternative detectors e.g. for high energies are available per request. Sample changer (20 s mount cycle) with storage capacity of 23 unipucks (368 samples) and remote access are available.