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Kinetics and microstructural evolutions during the tempering of martensite and nano-bainitic low alloyed steel : in situ experimental study and modelling
Institut Jean Lamour, Nancy (28.01.2021)

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Mikrostrukturentwicklung während des TLP-Lötprozesses in γ-TiAl-Legierungen: In situ Experimente mit hochenergetischer Röntgenbeugung
Christian-Albrechts Universität Kiel (23.03.2020)

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3D atomic Pair Distribution Function of a textured Platinum Thin Film
University of Hamburg (Hamburg)

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Phase- and texture development of intermetallics in the Al-Mg binary system using metal matrix composites
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High-resolution grating-based phase-contrast imaging for synchrotron radiation sources
Universität Hamburg (2019)

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Pseudo piezoelectricity in calcium titanate and structural changes under electric field
Universität Rostock (08.04.2019)

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Watching Ultrathin Films Grow at Atomic Scale
Aarhus University (2019)

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Effect of deformation on structural transformations, mechanical properties and destruction processes of alloys of iron and titanium.
South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University (14.05.2019)

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Evaluation of 100-nm-size mechano-responsive liposomes for targeted delivery at constricted arteries
University of Basel (2018)

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Pressure Induced Rotational Symmetry Breaking in URu2Si2
University of Zurich (2018)

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Development and characterization of advanced intermetallic titanium alumine alloys by means of diffraction and scattering techniques
Montan-Universität Leoben (November 2018)

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Ultrasonic joining of through-the-thickness reinforced metal-composite hybrid structures
Technische Universität Hamburg (2018), doi: 10.15480/882.1956

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Nucleation and growth of ferroelectric thin films studied by total Xray scattering
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Electrochromic effect of praseodymium oxide thin films studied by total x-ray scattering
University of Hamburg (2018)

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Charge Order in Ir1-xPtxTe2 and High-Energy Magnetic Excitations in La2-xSrxCuO4
University of Zurich (2018)

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Experimentelle Untersuchung der Eigenspannung beim Elementarprozess des Hammer Peening
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (July 2018)

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High temperature oxidation behavior of (Ti, Cr, Al)N coatings studied by in-situ synchrotron radiation x-ray powder diffraction
University of Hamburg (26.01.2018)

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Einfluss des Laser-Shock-Peening auf die Eigenspannungsverteilung in Laser-Schweißnähten
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (14. 07.2017) (Abstract/Full text)

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Aufklärung von komplexen intermetallischen gamma-TiAl Legierungssystemen für Hochtemperaturanwendungen mittels hochenergetischer Synchrotronstrahlung
Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg (30.03.2017)

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Hard x-ray phase tomography for brain tissue imaging
University of Basel (2017)

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Untersuchung der Mikrostruktur von rührreibgeschweißten Stählen mittels in situ Experimenten mit hochenergetischer Röntgenstrahlung
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel (2016 )

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Untersuchungen zur Spanbildung metallischer Werkstoffe anhand von in situ Röntgenbeugungsexperimenten
Technische Universität Berlin (2016) (Abstract/Full text)

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The effect of CaO on magnesium and magnesium calcium alloys
Technical University Clausthal (09.05.2016) (Abstract/Full text)

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Friction-based Injection Clinching Joining (F-ICJ): a new joining method for hybrid lightweight structures
Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (2015)

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Texture and stress characterization of a copper tube by neutron, synchrotron and electron diffraction (2015) (Abstract/Full text)

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Phase transformation kinetics during continuous heating of α+β and metastable β titanium alloys
Technical University Vienna (2015)

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Ni/Ti reactive multilayers for joining (2015) (Abstract/Full text)

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Phase transformations and stress evolution during laser beam welding and post heat treatment of TiAl-alloys (2015) (Abstract/Full text)

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Austenite stability in TRIP steels studied by synchrotron radiation (2014)

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Beschreibung des Eigenspannungszustandes beim Pendel- und Schnellhubschleifen (2014)

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Untersuchung des Reibrührschweißprozesses mittels hochenergetischer Synchrotronstrahlung (2014)

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Microstructural evolution of TiAlN hard coatings at elevated pressures and temperatures (2014) (Abstract/Full text)

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In situ – Analyse der inneren Spannungen in CBN-Schneidstoffen unter äußerer thermo-mechanischer Belastung (2014)

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The effect of magnetic annealing on crystallographic texture, microstructure and magnetic properties of Fe-2.6%Si (2014)

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Reibschweißen der -TiAl-Feingusslegierung Ti-47Al-3.5(Mn+Cr+Nb)-0.8(B+Si) und der Titanlegierung Ti6Al4V; Prozessentwicklung und Charakterisierung der mikrostrukturellen und mechanischen Eigenschaften (2014)

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HCF property improvement through microstructure optimization and shot peening in (a+b) Ti alloys (2014)

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Recrystallization of deformed copper – kinetics and microstructural evolution (2013) (Abstract/Full text)

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Residual stress analysis and fatigue behavior of mechanically surface treated titanium alloys (2013) (Abstract/Full text)

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Untersuchung von Strahlenschäden durch Röntgenstrahlen in natürlichen und synthetischen Polyamiden (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Eigenspannungsanalyse an reibrührgeschweissten Stahlblechen mit hochenergetischer Synchrotronstrahlung (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Oxidation von Legierungsnanopartikeln untersucht mit in-situ Röntgenbeugung (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Correlation Between the Mechanical Cycling Behavior and Microstructure in Laser Welded Joints Using NiTi Shape Memory Alloys (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Photokatalytische Eigenschaften von Systemen (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Ensembles of magnetic nanoparticles: preparation and simulation (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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In situ Phasenanalyse von Dy-haltigen Magnesiumlegierungen mittels hochenergetischer Synchrotronstrahlung (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Röntgenographische Eigenspannungsmessung an Schneidkeramiken (2012) (Abstract/Full text)

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Anwendung eines konischen Blendensystems zur tiefenaufgelösten Bestimmung von Eigenspannungen in Materialien mittels Synchrotronstrahlung (2011) (Abstract/Full text)

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Fatigue Crack Growth in Complex Residual Stress Fields Due to Surface Treatment and Foreign Object Damage under Simulated Flight Cycles (2011) (Abstract/Full text)

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Entwicklung und Konstruktion eines Detektorportals (2009) (Abstract/Full text)