P07 - DESY High Energy X-Ray Diffraction for Physics and Chemistry

High energy X-ray diffraction and scattering based techniques play a major role in many scientific fields incl. physics, chemistry, and materials science. In particular, they enable complex in situ and operando experiments and the analysis of local (dis)order on atomic scale. The high-energy scattering and diffraction beamlines P07-DESY and P21.1 are operated jointly with a focus on exploiting the high energy X-ray's for applications in chemistry and physics.

P07-DESY is a high-energy x-ray diffraction beamline specialized in small-beam experiments. The focusing capabilities enable experiments such as grazing incidence scattering studies of surfaces and total scattering/XRD-CT. The beamline comprises a double crystal monochromator, a high precision sample stage and a detector stage with both point and area detectors.

The high energy allows for measuring with complex sample environment while maintaining the possibility to access a wide q-range. This makes it possible to make diffraction and total scattering experiments in a variety of conditions such as magnetic field, temperatures, in situ and operando modes for several types of materials. The beamline operates in the interval 40-150 keV. The beam size can be focused from 1 mm × 1 mm down to 2 μm (v) x 30 μm (h) at the sample position. For scattering studies which can be done with an un-focused beam we refer to the general purpose beamline P21.1.

Typical experiments at the beamlines



Grazing incidence diffraction and scattering

Single-crystal total and diffuse scattering

X-ray diffraction computed tomography (XRD-CT)

Total scattering and powder diffraction

Microbeam scattering and diffraction

Combined small-angle scattering and total scattering