Photon Science Committee (PSC)

The 'Photon Science Committee' (PSC) has been established in 2004 to give advice in strategic issues for all DESY developments and activities in the field of photon science. It consists of 14 - 16 members, all of them international experts in the field of synchrotron radiation and free electron lasers.

The PSC convenes twice each year for about one and a half day on the DESY premises. Members serve usually for a period of three years, which can be extended for another term.
The PSC advises the DESY directorate in all photon science related endeavors and future strategies, including the DESY photon science activities related to the European XFEL facility. It gives recommendations concerning current operation and upgrade of the DESY photon sources and the in-house research program.

The DESY director for photon science and the scientific heads of PETRA III and FLASH take routinely part as guests in the PSC meetings. They give overviews on current activities, present new projects and ask the PSC for advice on specific matters. The leading scientists of the photon science division and other group leaders are also routinely invited to the PSC meetings and report in turn on their scientific results and on technical developments.

Charge of the PSC

The PSC gives advice on:

  • Current operation and upgrade activities at PETRA III and FLASH
  • The DESY photon science in-house research programme
  • Proposed future activities like additional laboratories
  • DESY photon science projects related to the European XFEL
  • Required expertise and resources

Moreover, the PSC accompanies regular reviews of the PETRA III and FLASH beamlines by external experts.

User proposals are discussed and assessed by Project Review Panels (PRPs):