Life Science and Biotechnology

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The identification, treatment and prevention of disease and injury are paramount to society. While there are numerous methods of diagnostics and care in modern medicine, countless questions and mysteries remain in the challenge to keep people healthy and to extend longevity.

Life science and biotechnology companies are among the most frequent industrial users of synchrotron facilities. The techniques available allow investigation and development of tailor-made biomolecules, biomaterials and biocompatible materials for use in their novel products, e.g. drugs, Lab-on-a-chip devices, and biomechanics.

DESY offers companies within the Life Science and Biotechnology industries access to experimental techniques at DESY Photon Science facilities applicable to a range of problems including:

  • Protein structure

  • Drug characterisation and the development of novel pharmaceuticals

  • Polymorphism diffraction

  • Distribution of elements in biomaterials

  • Organic product identification and diffusion of products

  • Tomography of biomechanical components