DESY initiated development of a multi-megapixel monolithic soft X-ray CMOS imager for synchrotron and FEL applications.

Schematic of a back-thinned MAPS sensor, wire-bonded to the periphery electronics board

With the increased brilliance of state-of-the-art Synchrotron radiation sources and the advent of Free Electron Lasers enabling revolutionary science with EUV to X-ray photons comes an urgent need for suitable photon imaging detectors. Requirements include high frame rates, very large dynamic range, single-photon counting capability with low probability of false positives, and (multi)-megapixels. PERCIVAL (Pixelated Energy Resolving CMOS Imager, Versatile and Large) is currently being developed by a collaboration of RAL, DESY, and Elettra to address this need for the soft X-ray regime. PERCIVAL is a monolithic active pixel sensor (MAPS), i.e. based on CMOS technology. Some key properties of the PERCIVAL sensor according to its preliminary specifications: • back-thinned to access its primary energy range of 0.25-1 keV with target efficiencies above 90%. • roughly 10x10cm^2, 4k x 4k monolithic sensor • will operate at frame rates up to 120 Hz (commensurate with most FELs) • use multiple gains • 25 micron pixels • capable of measuring 1 to ~ 10^5 (500eV) photons • single-photon detection with few false positives per frame

Project Leader: Cornelia Wunderer