Conference Posters

XFEL & DESY FS Users Meeting 2017

Performance of the variable polarization XUV beamline P04: Benchmarking and studies on stability

XFEL & DESY FS Users Meeting 2015

Progress at the Variable Polarization XUV Beamline at PETRA III

XFEL & DESY FS Users Meeting 2014

Fast XPS end station at P04 (PETRA III): perspective for synthesis and investigation of advanced materials based on low-dimensional systems.
Highly Efficent TOF-Measurements of Photoelectrons and -ions at the PETRA III-XUV Beamline
Transition from random to oriented target properties in molecular hydrogen

DESY FS Users Meetings 2013

Focus Finder for Microfocus Characterization at P04

SRI 2012

The Variable Polarization XUV beamline P04 at PETRA III
Direct Simulation Monte Carlo calculations of Gas Dynamics

Hasylab Users Meeting 2011

The P04 Universal Diagnostic Unit for XUV and Soft X-Ray Radiation