Unified Data Sheet P04

P04 - XUV beamline

P04 is providing soft x-ray radiation with variable polarization to experiments at energies between 250 eV and 3 keV. The beamline offers high energy resolution in the range from some tens of meV to about 1eV and high spatial resolution in the 10-µm regime. P04 is located in the middle of the experimental hall directly at "Schleuse" (garage door) 2. The beam is supplied by an APPLE-2-type undulator installed in one of the straight sections. Operation started in March 2012, first users were scheduled in November 2012.



techniques available

experimental platform (6 user setups available for collaborations)

photon source



number of periods

max power

65,6 mm;


10 kW @ 100 mA

source brilliance 

1020 ph / s / mm2 / mrad/ 0.1% bw / 100 mA

polarization available

circular (variable linear hor./vert. in future)

energy range 

250 eV – 3 keV  

beamline energy resolution

<10 meV at 335 eV, <40 meV at 1 keV

max flux ON SAMPLE

>1015 ph / s @ 1 keV

spot size ON SAMPLE 

5000 μm x 2000 μm to 10 μm x10 μm  (h x v) 

angle of incidence light – sample 

0 to 90

sample type

solid, liquid or gas phase (UHV compatible)




varied line space gratings:

grating properties 

1200 and 400 lines/mm (laminar)

energy range         

200 - 3000 eV  and 100 - 1500 eV

resolving power 

>10000 (design) >35000 (measured)



Sample positioning

Open experimental areas


Fixed experimental Platform

weight 6.5 t (made of granite)

width 2000 mm

length 3600 mm

Beam height 1400 mm 

horizontal beam

Sample environment of diagnostic unit (incorporated into P04)

pressure range

                           10-7  -  10-5  hPa

gas type

            inert gases (rare gases, N_2)                  

Detection modes of the diagnostic unit (incorporated into P04)


                      >99.9999 %

Electron time-of-flight    

                 <120 ps resolution             

Total electron yield

                      < 5 MHz total count rate


                      parasitically with electron MCP

Detector(s) of the diagnostic unit (incorporated into P04)


 MCP (micro channel plate)

energy resolution 

~1 % (<0.1 % with retardation)

count rate 


spatial resolution 


angular resolution  

           +/- 6°

read-out time 

            real time (GS/s)

 degrees of freedom / translation stages

fully adjusted, but fixed now

  typical collection time

~1-100 s per spectrum


other facilities available: user groups/collaborations have developed 6 independant setups: ARPES (ASPHERE III), ion beamline (PIPE), mK-XMCD station, soft x-ray holography setup, soft x-ray scattering chamber, zone plate base (fluorescence) full field microscope (FlexIX)



Software type

Spock, Python...

Data output type

ASCII, HDF5, Nexus



  • clean workbench
  • exhaust hood
  • electronic workbench
  • ultrasonic cleaner