How to reach PETRA III & FLASH

Construction sites 2016/2017


Construction sites on the DESY campus (Update January 2017).

Please note that due to construction and road work on the DESY campus, the traffic situation may change from day to day and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The construction of the new MPSD extension building , close to the CFEL buidling, started in January 2017. Therefore, the number of parking spaces near the PETRA III hall (bldg. 47c) and the CFEL building (bldg. 99) is very limited.

The DESY gatekeepers know the latest status and can help you to find your way on the campus. The side gate is usually open 24 hours a day for pedestrians and cyclists (it is open from Monday to Friday, 6 to 19h for cars).