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The Group Undulator Systems (FS-US)

The Undulator group FS-US is responsible for the development and operation of the insertion devices (IDs) in DESY’s light sources PETRA and FLASH. This covers all design steps from the spectral specification and the magnetic concept to the mechanical design. Manufacturing of support frames and magnet structures is then done with partners from industry. The final assembly, magnetic measurements and fine tuning and takes place in the FS-US undulator laboratory. The undulator control system is based on commercially available components, but software, interfaces to experiments and accelerator control system, and some hardware are customized.

Key Parameters of Undulators Operated at PETRA III
Key Parameters of Undulators Operated at FLASH
Auxiliary systems
Support Mechanics
Magnet Structure Design and Optimization
The FS-US magnetic measurement lab
Developments and Activities
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