Centre for Structural Systems Biology


The new CSSB building with the bridge (in the background) to the adjacent PETRA III experimental hall "Max von Laue" in 2016.

CSSB laboratory

CSSB laboratory (Photo: Tina Mavric).

CSSB lecture hall

CSSB lecture hall (Photo: Tina Mavric)


The Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB), is an interdisciplinary centre on the DESY campus dedicated to infection research. CSSB is a joint initiative of ten research partners from Northern Germany including DESY.

CSSB unites scientists from different disciplines under one roof, enabling close cooperation focused on key processes during the early stages of an infection. The CSSB building for offices and laboratories next to the PETRA III experimental hall 'Max von Laue' offers also space for up to six cryo-electron microscopes.

CSSB will fully exploit all existing resources and drive synergies in interdisciplinary approaches: DESY provides direct and fast access to experimental facilities for synchrotron or free-electron laser radiation.

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