Exciting First European XFEL Users' Meeting at DESY in Hamburg (Jan. 24-25, 2007)

XFEL Users' Meeting (Auditorium)

Large attendance demonstrates worldwide interest in the planned European X-ray laser facility: 260 scientists from 22 countries gathered on January 24-25 at the DESY research center in Hamburg for the first European XFEL Users’ Meeting, which brought together the future users of the European X-ray laser facility.

“We are very happy about the overwhelming attendance from scientists coming from all over the world – after all the commissioning of the XFEL is only due in seven years’ time,” said Professor Massimo Altarelli, Italian physicist and leader of the European XFEL Project Team. “This clearly demonstrates the worldwide interest in the planned X-ray laser and the excitement with which the realization of the facility is awaited within the international scientific community.” (...see Press release)

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