User Chemistry Laboratories

If you intend to use a chemistry laboratory during your beamtime, you are requested to log in to DOOR and fill in the online form "Use of chemistry laboratory" at least 4 weeks before each scheduled beamtime. The declaration will be evaluated by our Safety Team (A. Ciobanu (ext. -4683), S. Lessmann-Bassen (ext. -3180). For questions concerning the safety concept please contact our Safety Team. In addition, the corresponding Online Safety Training modules “Basic Instructions”, “Chemistry Lab” (plus ”PETRA III” for the PETRA III Labs) in DOOR have to be completed. The signed Online Safety Training certificate shall be submitted to the Users’ Office as indicated on the certificate.

On-site Instruction and Access
Once your application to work in the chemistry lab has been approved by the safety team, you will recieve a confirmation E-mail.
Reply to the E-mail to arrange an appointment for the compulsory lab briefing. Questions can be sent to

Contact for chemistry labs:

Chemistry lab PETRA III P. P. Ewald (bldg. 46g / room EG.011)
Chemistry lab PETRA III M. v. Laue (bldg. 47c / room L031)
Cleanroom lab PETRA III M. v. Laue (bldg. 47c / room L032)
Chemistry lab PETRA III A. Yonath (bldg. 48f / room U1.011)
Chemistry lab FLASH II K. Siegbahn (bldg. 28k / room EG.006)

Milena Lippmann (ext.-4691)
Brit Heilmann (ext. -5707)
Monika Dahdouli (ext. -3909)

Contact for beamline labs:
Beamline preparation lab P64/P65 (bldg. 46g / at P64/P65)
Edmund Welter (ext. -(9)4510)
Wolfgang Caliebe (ext. -(9)1646)
Claudia Schwan (ext. -1658)

Beamline chemistry lab P02.1 (bldg. 47c / room L016)
Martin Etter (ext.-5648)
Alexander Schökel (ext. -4422)
Mario Wendt (glovebox only) (ext. -3115)

Beamline preparation lab P10 (bldg. 47c / at P10)
Michael Sprung (ext. -4680 or -96110)
Fabian Westermeier (ext. -4217)

Beamline chemistry lab P11 (bldg. 47c / room L047)
Eva Crosas (ext. - (9) 6105)
Johanna Hakanpää (ext. - (9) 5756)
Sofiane Saouane (ext. - (9) 4620)

Beamline chemistry lab P24 (bldg. 48f / at P24)
Martin Tolkiehn (ext. - (9) 2571)

They will instruct you and provide access to the laboratories. Only then you are authorised to work in the chemistry lab.

Handling of substances
and other dangerous substances not supplied by external users should only be purchased in agreement with A. Ciobanu (ext. -4683) and must be delivered to the persons in charge of the chemistry labs (see contact chemistry labs).