Sample Preparation Lab

3D schematic of the Sample Preparation Lab

Sample preparation lab for P64 and P65. The glove box on the left hand side uses Ar as working gas, c(H2O) and c(O2) < 1 ppm allow to work with extremely air and humidity sensitive samples.

Fume hut in the sample preparation lab

Due to the large success of the chemical lab at beamline X at DORIS, a similar approach is taken here: A small lab with a chemical hood, glove box, and a bench with an analytical balance and pellet press is installed right between the control hutches of beamlines P64 and P65. This lab is reserved for sample preparation for those two beamlines. The general rules for chemical labs apply also to this chemical lab! Please submit also a safety declaration for the sample preparation lab a few weeks before the start of the experiment, especially if hazardous compounds are involved.