Beamline layout

P61 is separated into two independently managed stations, P61A by HZG and P61B LVP by DESY. Although these stations cannot independently operate with beam, by closing the downstream secondary beam shutters, experiments in the LVP remain possible at P61B while P61A is receiving beam.

Each station has its own Optics hutch (OH1, OH2) and Experimental hutch (EH1, EH2) and are separated by a long beam tunnel. The control hutch of P61A (HZG) is positioned adjacent to the beam tunnel, whereas the control hutch (and small lab) of P61B (DESY) is standing behind the last Experimental hutch at the end of the beamline.

Front End contains the high heat load optics. Namely, a fixed gap copper absorber (3 mm x 2 mm), fixed gap high power slits (1 mm in vertical) PS1, adjustable high power slits PS2, three Cu-diamond beam filters, a sacrificial absorber and beam shutter.

OH1 contains (for the moment) only a sacrificial absorber, a Cu absorber and beam shutter (combined with open-close high power slits). Installation of a tunable absorber (two copper wedges enabling absorber thicknesses from 0 to 100mm) is planned for 2020.

EH1 at P61A (HZG) will contain a heavy load diffractometer (Huber), which was used before at HARWI II at DORIS III. Energy-dispersive XRD using 2 HP Ge-detectors on a movable detector portal positioning system will be available in 2020.

OH2 is nearly identical to OH1, except it additionally contains a 4-mm C filter and a diamond window beam position monitor. The installation of an in-house design Laue, flat crystal, monochromator is considered for AD-XRD experiments in the LVP at P61B.

EH2 at P61B (DESY) contains the 6-ram LVP, the workhorse instrument for extreme conditions research at high pressures and temperatures combined with an X-ray microscope for radiography and 2 HP Ge-detectors for energy-dispersive XRD placed on a DESY-designed, Kohzu-built movable positioning system. Additional smaller roll-in, roll-out LVP can be accommodated. Before the LVP, adjustable power slits can be operated to shape the beam to any desired size.