Beamline layout

P23 experimental area.

Optics hutch components

Optical layout

P23 operates currently one experimental hutch. The second experimental hutch ist postponed. 


The beamline spectroscopic type undulator has a length of 2m and is optimized to provide photons in the range 5 keV to 35 keV. Higher energies are possible but are not optimally matched by the available focusing optics. The novel design of the undulator allows to use controlled phase shift in the electron trajectory for high harmonics suppression. The undulator is placed in a high-β section of the ring and has the radiation source size 13 μm (v) x 330 μm (h)(FWHM).


The optics hutche is shared with the P22 beamline. The main optical elements in the optics hutch are a high heat load liquid nitrogen cooled monochromator, two mirrors and a 2D Be CRL changer for focussing and collimation.


Experimental hutch 1  is dedicated to X-ray diffraction experiments and is equiped with a HUBER 5+2 circle diffractometer. Currently 2D Be CRLs are used for focusing in EH1.