P07 The High Energy Materials Science Beamline of Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon and DESY


Design and Layout of the HEMS Beamline

The location of P07 in the Max-von-Laue Experimental Hall is marked in orange.

The High Energy Materials Science Beamline P07 is jointly operated by Helmholtz Center Hereon (EH1, EH3, EH4, beamtime share 2/3) and DESY (EH2, beamtime share 1/3). It provides a photon energy range of 40 – 150 keV and endstations dedicated to different techniques and applications: Hereon’s mission is engineering materials science to study e.g. metallic materials in situ under mechanical load and at elevated temperatures, during fabrication and processing, etc. The Hereon capabilities are complemented by a grain mapper and a station for full-field tomography (absorption and phase contrast). DESY focuses on investigating physical and chemical properties and processes e.g. at surfaces and in thin films or the interior structure of large objects on the mm – cm range by x-ray diffraction tomography. The Hereon and DESY branches are managed separately, proposals are reviewed in different committees. EH1 is an in-house test facility.