Sample preparation lab

Vacuum Oven


Stereo microscope

This page describes the sample preparation laboratory in sector 7 (P10-PLab). The main purpose of this lab is to enable basic sample preparation tasks close to the experimental hutches. This lab is not a full chemistry lab. The experimental safety declaration form (DOOR) must be used if access to a fully equipped chemical lab is needed.

The PLab is equipped with 1) a vacuum oven, 2) a centrifuge, 3) two balances, 4) a light microscope including a CCD camera, 5) an ultra-sonic bath, 6) a heat plate with magnetic stirring functionality, 7) a vortex mixer and 8) a fume hood.

The use of chemicals in the PLab is limited to the chemicals in the following list.

List of chemicals allowed at P10-P-Lab.

List of chemicals

In case you want to use chemicals not listed above, please ask if this is allowed.
If it is allowed you need to provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS) of this chemical.

Vacuum oven

The vacuum oven of the P10-PLab is a Heraeus VT 6025.
It is able to heat up to about 200 oC.
The vacuum pump can provide vacuum up to 10 mbar.
The dimensions of the oven are 300 x 275 x 307 (in mm).

Instruction vacuum oven


The centrifuge 5804 R from Eppendorf can run up to maximum 20.800 g (14.000 rpm).
Different vessels for 15 and 50 ml Falcon tubes and 1.5 ml Eppendorf tubes are provided.

Instruction centrifuge
Short instruction of the centrifuge

Stereo microscope

The stereo microscope is from Moticom (SMZ-168-TL) and is equiped with a CCD directly connected to a computer.


The PLab is equipped with two different balances:
- Satorius Talent TE 124S Capacity: 120 g and 0.1 mg readability.
- Satorius TE 1502 S balance with 1500 g capacity and 0.01 g readability.

Ultrasonic bath

Ultrasonic bath from Sonorex Super Type RK 514 BH :
Internal dimensions (W x D x H) 325 x 300 x 200 mm
Capacity 18.7 L
Ultrasonic power 860 W
HF peak power 215 W eff
Heating power 600 W


If you have any further question concerning the sample preparation lab contact the beamline staff for more details.