Open positions at Beamline P02.2

Open Positions at the Extreme Conditions Beamline (P02.2)

31.03.2022: The Extreme Conditions Beamline (P02.2) is looking for a enthusiastic PostDr. Fellow to strengthen the collaboration work between the High-Pressure Group at LLNL, the P02.2 beamline team and the Imaging Group at PETRA III. The work will focus on performing experiment in the resistive heated dDAC and the laser heated DAC using both X-ray diffraction and X-ray imaging to understand kinetic process during phase transitions. The position is advertised on the DESY requirement page from where you can also directly apply for the position. For questions about the position please contact Dr. H. P. Liermann (DESY) or Dr. E. O'Bannon (LLNL).