P02 Archive

  • February 1st 2010: New ruby system for pressure measurements is now online. Pictures and description will follow soon.
  • January 15th 2010: Temporary laser lab for the ECB and the Infrastructure for extreme conditions research has been completed and passed laser safety approval
  • March 23rd: Monochromator arrives from Oxford FMB
  • April 2010: Transfer of the Laser Heating system from the University of Frankfurt
  • April – November: Construction of the vacuum system for the optics hutch of the HRPD beamline and the ECB.
  • August 6th 2010: Monochromator was positioned in the optics hutch
  • September 20th 2010: Undulator U23 positioned in the storage ring.
  • September 23rd 2010: Granite for the Laser Heating Experiment is being put in place
  • November 27th 2010: First beam in the Experimental Hutch (EH2) of the Extreme Conditions Beamline (P02.2)
  • November 28th 2010: First beam in the Experimental Hutch (EH1) of the High Resolution Powder Diffraction Beamline (P02.1)
  • December 2010: Commissioning of the High-Head Load Monochromator and chracterisation of the laue side monochromator
  • December 20th 2010: First focus of the x-ray beam at 25.6 keV using Compound Diffractive Lenses (CRL) to a focus of 8(H) x 5 (V) microns.
  • December 21st 2010: First diffraction images at the ECB in the DAC and at the HRPD beamline in air on CeO2 (NIST) - Congratulations to the team and Merry Christmas.
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