Use of Gases at DESY Photon Science

All persons handling gases or cryogenic liquids require a valid module "Gases" or "Liquid Nitrogen/ Liquid Helium" in the Online Safety Training via DOOR. Persons who do not hold any of the following roles are not authorised to order or handle gases. Special gases, especially gas mixes and gases of high purity, may have a long delivery time up to 12 weeks. Please request early.

Person authorized for gas order “Gasabrufberechtigte”
Only the persons authorized for gas order, called “Gasabrufberechtigte”, (all Technical hall managers) may order gases and cryogenic liquids from MEA6 at the request of a Qualified Person and have the gas cylinders delivered to the gas delivery box. “Gasabrufberechtigte” are only responsible for ordering the product required for work or experimental use. Further work tasks and authorisations do not result from the function “Gasabrufberechtigter”. “Gasabrufberechtigte” will be proposed by the FS deputy director (Bereichsreferent) and must be appointed by a responsible MEA person and instructed by MEA6 before the start of the activity.

Responsible Person

GV (Gebietsverantwortliche): Area manager and their deputies (e.g. beamline manager and deputies).
These persons are responsible for the safe handling of gases equipment in their area of responsibility and must therefore designate Qualified Persons for their area.

Qualified Person (= requester in gas order form “Lagerabrufschein”)
A Qualified Person is a person who, through his or her vocational training, professional experience and prompt professional activity, has the necessary specialist knowledge for handling gases. These can be the responsible persons (e.g. beamline manager) or persons determined by them, e.g. beamline engineers or other persons. In addition to their qualification, they must have a valid training in gas safety (known as "Gaseschulung" by Linde or AirLiquide, register via ISS). This training must be repeated at least every two years.
Qualified Persons are allowed to request gases via the “Gasabrufberechtigte”. The Qualified Person concerned is named on the label of the gas cylinder as the customer. Starting with the transfer from the delivery box to its destined gas cabinet, the customer named on the label is responsible for the safe handling of the gases. They also instruct the users in the use of the gases and gas fittings.

Instructed Person
Persons who have been instructed by the Qualified Persons in the handling of gases at DESY, e.g. Photon Users, who can then carry out a gas cylinder exchange on their own. However, guests must always have experience in handling gases and must also be instructed by the Qualified Person at the beamline.

Use of Gases at DESY Photon Science