FLASH Compact Spectrometer

Compact spectrometer setup

In collaboration with the CNR-Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnologies in Padova, a compact and portable spectrometer has been built for real time monitoring of the fundamental and high-order harmonic contents in single-shot operation mode. Its design is based on two flat-field grazing-incidence gratings combined with a EUV-enhanced CCD.

Compact spectrometer is designed as a stand-alone unit for user experiments at the end of their setup.

Spectrometer is capable of:

  • spectral and harmonic content measurements of FLASH photon beam
  • working range from 1 to 25 nm
  • resolution about 1000
  • single shot operation mode, max at 10 Hz (only with reduced ROI of CCD detector)
  • integrated multibunch mode (only with reduced intensity down to 9 orders of magnitude!)
  • FLASH DAQ integrated

Technical characteristics:

  • 2 variable line spacing gratings (1200 l/mm and 2400 l/mm)
  • CCD detector PIXIS-XO 400B (1340x400 pixels, 20 µm pixel size, 16 bit)
  • can achieve working pressure down to 10-8 mbar


Siarhei Dziarzhytski
E-Mail: Siarhei Dziarzhytski
Phone: +49 (0)40 8998 (9)6187
Location: 28k / O2.022

F. Frassetto et al., Compact spectrometer for photon diagnostics of the extreme-ultraviolet free-electron-laser radiation, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A 635, 94 - 98 (2011). Article