FLASH News Archive 2008

19 August 2008

Joint Workshop on Detector Development for Future Particle Physics and Photon Science Experiment (October 2008)

The workshop to highlight differences and synergy between photon science and particle physics experiments will take place on October, 16-17 at DESY.

It will be a satellite workshop of the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference 2008 in Dresden.

10 July 2008

Joint Research at DESYs Light Sources - Meeting of the “BMBF-Verbundforschung” (July 2008)

More than 120 researchers from universities throughout Germany met at DESY in Hamburg from July 9-11, 2008. Their projects at DESYs photon sources FLASH and PETRA III are funded with 27.5 million Euros for the period 2007 to 2010 by the so-called “BMBF-Verbundforschung”.

With the “Verbundforschung” the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds projects of university groups at large ...

27 June 2008

FLASH: Ultrafast single-shot diffraction imaging of nanoscale dynamics (June 2008)

Scientists from Lawerence Livermore Nat. Lab. (USA), Standord (USA), Uppsala University (Sweden), University of Duisburg-Essen, University of Oxford, University of California (USA), CFEL and HASYLAB/DESY have measured time-series snapshots of a solid as it evolves on the ultra-fast timescale at FLASH.

Structures imprinted on a special window were excited with an optical laser. The subsequent laser ...

28 May 2008

New THz beamline for pump probe experiments at FLASH (Spring 2008)

The new beam pipe was successfully tested at FLASH in January/February 2008. The nearly 70 metres long beamline transports very long wavelength radiation, so called far infrared/FIR or Terahertz /THz radiation, into the FLASH experimental hall. The radiation with a wavelength between 10 micrometres (30 THz) and 200 micrometres (1.5 THz) is generated in a special undulator installed in series to the VUV undulators in ...

15 February 2008

"Matter in Coherent Light" - 404. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Seminar

The 404. Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Seminar "Matter in Coherent Light" will take place on March 17-20, 2008 in Bad Honnef (Germany).

Since several of these new sources (VUV free electron laser FLASH, low emittance high energy synchrotron radiation source PETRA III and the European XFEL) are already operating or will be available in Hamburg soon, there is a need to communicate their unique source ...

31 January 2008

Record Attendance at the HASYLAB Users Meeting 2008

Record attendance at the 4 days event at HASYLAB /DESY in Hamburg: about 380 scientists came to DESY to attend several workshops, the HASYLAB and the XFEL users' meetings as well as the colloquium honoring Jochen R. Schneider.

On January 23-24, 2008, the European XFEL Users’ Meeting took place, which brought together the future users of the European X-ray laser facility. The International Workshop on ...