DAQ and controls

Control beamlines / experiments and record data

Example of the jddd based beamline control (FLASH2)

Control window for the PG2 spectrometer.

User interface for the GHz ADCs provided by FLASH

At FLASH 1 and FLASH2  the photon beam lines, the photon diagnostic as well as the IT infrastructure available for user setups can be monitored and controlled with a dedicated control system. The data collected from the measurement devices (via "DOOCS") can be visualized with a Java based interface (called jddd).  Out of thousands of parameters available online, more than 250 essential beamline and diagnostic values are permanently stored in the FLASH Data Acquisition System (DAQ). In addition a User DAQ system records signals provided by user experiments via ADCs, cameras, etc. integrated in the DOOCS infrastructure.

Link to the detailed documentation:  CONTROLS and DAQ User manuals



Beamline controls

Photon diagnostics ( monitoring the FEL performance) 

  • Pulse energy and position (GMD)
  • Pulse wavelength (OPIS,VLS)

Beamline control

  • Beamline mirror steering
  • Gas attenuator, filter wheels, ...
  • Beamline cameras, diagnostic screens,  alignment lasers …

Experiment related infrastructure

  • GHz and MHz ADCs
  • Cameras
  • Triggers

All DOOCS parameters can be accessed  via Python ( with certain restrictions usage of Matlab / Labview / C are possible as well).

Data Aquisition (DAQ)

Photon diagnostic DAQ (permanently recording):

  • > 250 Parameters are saved
  • Electron beam properties ( rep.rate, bunch train length., charge, compression …)
  • Photon diagnostic (GMD, spectrum, …)
  • Beamline settings (mirror & filter positions , fast shutter status, …)

User DAQ (on demand):

  • ~ 20 different options / instruments are available
  • GHz ADCs (2/4 Gsample and 100 Msample) provided by FLASH
  • User Cameras (~ 20 different types are supported)
  • "Gotthard" Detector
  • Delayline detectors (provided by users)…
  • New hardware can be integrated with sufficient lead time

The saved data is available in  HDF5 format.


In the CONTROLS and DAQ User manual you can find much more detailed information (Note: some links may be only available within the DESY network). 


For further  assistance with experiment preparation, questions and further information please contact:

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