18 January 2022 · Research Highlight

Sub-picosecond metamagnetic phase transition in FeRh

Spintronics, the manipulation of electron spins and magnetic moments, is aimed at supplying an alternative to conventional electronics technology which uses the change of electronic states to store and ...

17 January 2022 · Research Highlight

Researchers discover cause of puzzling seismic discontinuity

At a depth of 660 kilometres, there is an abrupt change in the speed at which seismic waves travel through Earth's interior. However, for hitherto unknown reasons this striking seismic discontinuity splits ...

14 January 2022 · Research Highlight

Watching the charge move in photoexcited molecules

An international research team led by Markus Gühr’s group at the University of Potsdam performed laser experiments at FLASH to monitor charge motions in light-excited molecules of thiouracil, which is a ...

13 January 2022 · Research Highlight

Unraveling the active sites in new Zn-based catalyst for efficient propane dehydrogenation

The economic and environmental importance of catalysis research can hardly be overestimated. Basically, almost any commercial product nowadays has been in direct or indirect contact with some kind of catalyst ...


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