04 October 2021 · Research Highlight

Unprecedented view of a single catalyst nanoparticle at work

A DESY-led research team has been using high-intensity X-rays to observe a single catalyst nanoparticle at work. The experiment has revealed for the first time how the chemical composition of the surface ...

01 October 2021

FLASH2020+: Lucas Schaper Takes Over as Head of the Project

The FLASH2020+ project is DESY’s latest upgrade for the free-electron laser FLASH. Many technological improvements will increase the flexibility of the machine and enable the ...

23 September 2021 · Research Highlight

Water protects sensitive molecules from radiation damage

Water can protect small organic molecules from being damaged by X-rays. This is revealed by an experiment at PETRA III led by the University of Kassel. Instead of being torn apart by the electrical ...

17 September 2021 · Research Highlight

X-ray insights may enable better plastics production

An X-ray study at DESY is pointing the way towards a better understanding of plastics production. A team led by Utrecht University investigated so-called Ziegler-type catalysts, the workhorses in the ...


19 Oct. 2021 - 13:15
Speaker: Spyros Chatziefthimiou (DESY)
Location: Online
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