29 November 2021 · Research Highlight

Investigation at PETRA III reveals unknown changes in nerve tissue of patients

What changes occur in parts of the brain affected by neurodegenerative disease? How does the structure of the neurons change? Some pathological changes in the tissue are easy to identify using standard ...

19 November 2021 · Research Highlight

Tailoring of isolated attosecond light pulses

An international team of scientists from DESY, the University of Hamburg and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (USA) has achieved the direct generation of isolated ...

04 November 2021 · Research Highlight

Quantum Physics in Proteins

A new analytical technique is able to provide hitherto unattainable insights into the extremely rapid dynamics of biomolecules. The team of developers, led by Abbas Ourmazd from the University of ...

27 October 2021 · Research Highlight

First results from PETRA III beamline P61B: Phase relations of the olivine–ahrensite transition

A research team from DESY and the Bayerisches Geoinstitut (University of Bayreuth) headed by Tomoo Katsura, studied an important transformation in olivine, the most abundant mineral on ...


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