21 July 2021 · Research Highlight

Novel computational framework streamlines ptychography imaging at FLASH

Microscopic imaging using X-ray free-electron lasers like FLASH enables studies of structural features with a resolution down to a few nanometers and has become a ...

20 July 2021 · Research Highlight

X-ray view of nanostructures

For many applications, materials can be made a great deal more efficient by giving them a specific nanoscale structure. A research team from the Universität Hamburg, DESY, the European Synchrotron ...

08 July 2021 · Research Highlight

Timing molecular structural dynamics both excited and probed by extreme ultraviolet light

A large international collaboration of scientists from the Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics (MPIK) in Heidelberg, DESY, Heidelberg University, University of Münster and many ...

30 June 2021 · Research Highlight

Icy gold mixture

An international team of scientists led by DESY and Yonsei University in Seoul (Korea) has explored new ways of heating high pressure ices in a Diamond Anvil Cell at the X-ray laser PAL XFEL in Pohang ...


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