15 June 2022 · Research Highlight

High-speed imaging of microchips

A new method speeds up X-ray imaging of extended samples like microchips. The innovative technique makes it possible to study relatively large objects to nanometre fine details in a reasonable amount of time. ...

14 June 2022

Inauguration of the Helmholtz Experimental Station at the X-ray source SESAME in Jordan

A new experimental station has been opened at the SESAME X-ray source in Jordan: The Helmholtz-SESAME Beamline (HESEB) had been designed by five research centers of the Helmholtz Association under the ...

13 June 2022

Royal honour for DESY scientist Henry Chapman

DESY scientist Henry Chapman has received the 2021 Gregori Aminoff Prize for Crystallography from the hands of Sweden's King Carl XVI Gustaf on Monday. Aminoff Prize winners from three years were honoured at ...

13 June 2022 · Research Highlight

Sharp X-ray images despite imperfect lenses

X-rays make it possible to explore inside human bodies or peer inside objects. The technology used to illuminate the detail in microscopically small structures is the same as that used in familiar situations ...


28 Jun. 2022 - 13:15
Speaker: Andrei Chumakov (FS-PETRA-D (FS-PET-D Fachgruppe P03))
Location: Online
07 Jul. 2022 - 12:00
Speaker: Ruth Signorell (ETH Zürich)
Location: online
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21 Aug. 2022 to 26 Aug. 2022
Location: DESY Hamburg
19 Sep. 2022 to 23 Sep. 2022
28 Sep. 2022 to 30 Sep. 2022
Location: Brussels
Room: Royal Observatory of Belgium
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