DESY Photon Science Annual Reports

Photon Science - Annual Experiment Reports

Online portal to User Experiment Reports and In-House Reports published online since 2008 until 2013.

Photon Science - Highlights and Annual Report

The annual “Photon Science Report" intends to keep you updated on the photon science activities at DESY, highlighting some of the scientific results achieved by users at our facilities as well as by in-house staff.

This “Photon Science Report" is published on the occasion of the annual DESY Photon Science Users' Meeting held on the last Thursday and Friday in January. A printed version (~130 coloured pages) is available during the meeting, and lateron in e.g. the library (room 257, bldg. 25f) or in the DESY Photon Science User Office (PETRA III Experimental Hall "Max von Laue", room L106, bldg. 47c).