Centre for Molecular Water Science

Water molecules.
Trends in Water Science 2018

More than 140 participants attended the 17th DESY Research Course and the international DESY Symposium on 'Trends in Water Science' at DESY on 26-28 Feb. 2018.

2nd Workshop 2018

Over 100 participants attended the 2nd workshop for preparing the new 'Centre for Molecular Water Science' at DESY on 4-5 December 2018.

In the envisioned Centre for Molecular Water Science (CMWS), experts from DESY and several cooperation partners will come together to work on the following topics: Fundamental properties of water, geo- and astrophysical processes, nanoscience and nanotechnologies, chemical dynamics, biochemical and biological reactions as well as theory and simulations.

The research objectives are closely linked to current developments of the photon sources in Hamburg. In 2018, two CMWS workshops took place at DESY to define a first draft of the research programme.

The plan of an interdisciplinary centre focusing on the molecular properties of water has found wide-spread interest in the international science community: DESY received more than 30 Letters of Intent of potential partners. The start of the early science programme in the form of a virtual laboratory is planned for 2019/2020.