03 September 2019

Freigeist Fellowship for Daria Gorelova

The Volkswagen Foundation has awarded Daria Gorelova from the DESY Photon Science division a Freigeist Fellowship. At the Center for Free-Electron Laser Science (CFEL) at DESY, Daria Gorelova is ...

28 August 2019 · Research Highlight

First high-speed hard X-ray microscopic movies at a free-electron laser

A group of researchers, also from DESY and other insitutions, has for the first time performed high-speed microscopy using an X-ray laser at the European XFEL. The team produced a super slow-motion movie ...

20 August 2019 · Research Highlight

FLASH coaxes superfluorescent emission from the noble gas xenon

Scientists have for the first time induced superfluorescence in the extreme ultraviolet range. Superfluorescence, or ...

29 July 2019 · Research Highlight

Quantum movie displays probability density distribution of rotating carbonyl sulphide molecules

A team of scientists, also from DESY, have used precisely tuned pulses of laser light to film the ultrafast rotation of a molecule. The resulting “molecular movie” tracks one and a half ...


24 Sep. 2019 - 13:15
Speaker: Stijn J. M. Van Malderen, Ghent University, Department of Chemistry
Location: 109
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16 Sep. 2019 to 20 Sep. 2019
Location: Seminarroom FLASH, Bldg. 28c
25 Sep. 2019 to 26 Sep. 2019
09 Oct. 2019 to 11 Oct. 2019
Location: Mauersberger Saal
04 Nov. 2019 to 05 Nov. 2019
18 Nov. 2019 to 20 Nov. 2019
Location: Room L202, Bldg. 48e, 2nd floor
20 Nov. 2019 to 22 Nov. 2019
Location: FLASH Seminar Room (Bldg. 28c, second floor)
03 Dec. 2019 to 05 Dec. 2019
Location: SemR FLASH
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