P24 EH1

Huber 4 circle kappa diffractometer (university Hamburg)

The Kappa-diffractometer (ca. 3.5 tons) offers two independent detector circles able to take loads of 30 kg each equipped with motorized counter-weights to balance a detector travel of 500 mm. The sphere of confusion (SOC) of the main circles (incl. Omega) for multi axis movements is below 10 µm and repeatability below 2x10^-4 degrees. The inner circles (Kappa, Phi) provide a SOC below 20 µm for loads up to 5 kg with a maximum load of 10 kg. The Phi circle includes a motorized xyz-stage offering an accuracy in the micrometer range. The available space for sample environments is 190 mm, extendable to 250 mm by removing the stage. In combination with a modular mounting system, an easy exchange of shared different detectors (eg. Pilatus 1M CdTe, MarCCD, Ketek drift detector) or sample environments (10K-1300K, electrical fields, DACs) is possible.