Referencing P05

Please acknowledge the use of the DESY photon facility. All publications have to contain a corresponding sentence, which is listed here.

For referencing the beamline P05 in publications, please refer to:

[1] A. Haibel, F. Beckmann, T. Dose, J. Herzen, M. Ogurreck, M. Müller and A. Schreyer: Latest developments in microtomography and nanotomography at PETRA III Powder Diffraction 25, (2010), 161 - 164. (Article)

[2] A. Haibel; M. Ogurreck; F. Beckmann; T. Dose; F. Wilde; J. Herzen; M. Müller; A. Schreyer; V. Nazmov; M. Simon; A. Last; J. Mohr: Micro- and nano-tomography at the GKSS Imaging Beamline at PETRA III Proc. SPIE. 7804, Developments in X-Ray Tomography VII, 78040B, (2010). (Article)