• Only qualified personnel is allowed to work on electrical installations. Please consult the hall supervisor or shift technician.

  • Heating devices must be equipped with CEE-T155 connectors and be operated via a temperature controller. Standard type 442 (Schuko) connectors are not allowed.



  • Cooling water must be installed by the DESY group MKK2.
  • Contact to MKK2 should be established via the shift service.


  • Gases must be ordered via the shift engineer.

  • Gas cylinders must be stored in special cabinets


Radiation protection installations

  • Work on radiation protection installations is only allowed after written permission by a radiation safety officer

Radioactive sources

  • The use of radioactive sources requires a special safety instruction (DOOR)
  • External radioactive sources have to be declared on the safety declaration
  • Radioactive sources can be borrowed via the radiation safety staff or the shift service


Outside companies

  • Prior to work all members of outside companies must be given an instruction to the on site safety rules.
  • This instruction has to be confirmed by all workers
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Working permit radiation protection installations (german)
Confirmation safety instruction outside companies (german)
DESY Sicherheitsinformationen
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